Akihisa Iriki
President, Japan Young Psychiatrists Organization
July 2024

Thank you for visiting our page.

I am Akihisa Iriki, the President of the Japan Young Psychiatrists Organization (JYPO).
The JYPO is an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation and is recognized for its high public interest and appropriate operations.

Our organization is guided by the following three principles:

1.Nurturing leaders in psychiatric care
2.Acting with a global perspective
3.Striving to improve mental health in society

JYPO serves as a platform for young psychiatrists to interact beyond their institutions and positions, and also as a venue for international exchange. We are dedicated to elevating the level of the younger generation, cultivating an international outlook, and aiming to enhance mental health in society.


Our specific activities include:

Educational and awareness activities for young Psychiatrists:

・Annual CADP: Course for Academic Development of Psychiatrists
・Clinical epidemiology workshops (approximately once a year)
・Cooperation with the Summer School* of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology(JSPN) (*Training camps for students and residents interested in psychiatry)
・Hosting of exchange meetings, workshops, and training sessions across Japan

Mutual exchange and leadership development: We host training sessions and exchange meetings in various regions, deepening mutual interaction beyond individual facilities, functioning as a venue for the holistic development of young practitioners.

International clinical and research activities:

・Joint research and surveys within and outside Japan utilizing the JYPO’s network
・Translation of books and journals related to psychiatric care
・Interaction with young psychiatrists from other countries at international conferences
・Symposium planning at various academic societies

Our activities are diverse, including symposium planning at domestic and international conferences, collaboration with related organizations like the JSPN, interaction with young psychiatrists visiting Japan, and multi-institutional joint research.

Social return and dissemination activities:

・Communication through websites and Facebook
・Dissemination of activities through report creation
・Lectures and workshops in collaboration with other organizations and corporations
・Cooperation with the Mental Health First Aid Japan(MHFA-J) project

We also undertake translation of foreign journals and books such as World Psychiatry, lectures, and workshops for corporations as part of our public awareness and social contribution activities in mental health.

Each member is involved in activities voluntarily at their own pace, utilizing the network of members scattered across the country.

We all welcome young psychiatrists with different experiences and diverse perspectives to join JYPO.
We invite you to join JYPO as a place where you can make the most of your strengths.
It is sometimes difficult for individuals to give shape to their thoughts and ideas.
Through JYPO activities, you will be able to get to know a lot of diverse colleagues, and you will be stimulated, share experiences, and have a variety of opportunities.
It is our hope that we can share and pass on these experiences to more young psychiatrists.

We hope to meet and work with you in the near future, and that meaningful collaboration and friendship will continue thereafter.

We JYPO will continue to work together with you to contribute to the further development of psychiatry.

Warm wishes,
Akihisa Iriki